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78 Year Old



Founders Success






Fatty Liver,


Surviving and Thriving

with Lupus



Type 1 Diabetic


Weight Loss

Fatty Liver



Skin Pigmentation


So 4 months in and just look at the pigmentation improvement of Alpz’ eyes and neck! His insulin resistance is repairing thanks to the tools!!βš’οΈπŸ’―βš’οΈ

4 month

Body Comp


Amazing 4 months progress from Alpz!! Incorporating a gym routine he feels and looks fantastic!!

Well done buddy!!


10 Month

Weight Loss


Pictures are exactly one year apart. However in the second picture he had only been on the system for 10 months!

Outstanding results!

" Lost 15 pounds. Helped my family - two of them have T2 Diabetes and are doing great" - Peggy

"Lost 55 pounds, reversed sleep apnea, off anti-depressants, feel 25 years younger!"

- Cesar

"No more endometriosis symptoms. Joint pain gone. No longer pre-diabetic.

- Denise

" Reversed Type 2 Diabetes in 6 weeks."

- Clint

" Lost over 15 pounds, Increased Energy, No brain fog. Normalized triglycerides, no constipation, Reversed my pre-diabetes!"

- MB

" Reversed my pre-diabetes, no more snoring, helped with sciatic nerve pain."

- GS

About me

I started my Feel Great Journey in June of 2021. Although I was fairly healthy, I knew that I had leaky gut from taking OTC and prescription pain meds (after a car wreck) for a few years, food allergies, digestive issues and at least 10 pounds to lose. I had always struggled with my weight and over the years I had tried countless diet and exercise programs plus supplements, hypnosis and fasting. Nothing had worked.

During the first three months, I had improved sleep and digestion and fewer food cravings. The weight came off slowly at first but I could feel a lot of improvement in my gut and I was definitely more in control of my eating. Around months 4-5, the weight began to drop quickly -- 10 pounds, then 15 and I decided to stop at 20 pounds. I actually reduced the Balance -- to stop losing weight. Now that my gut is rock solid, it is so easy to lose weight with this product. It's been great for bikini season and sundresses!

You can see snippets of my journey @patricia.obrien22 (TikTok and IG.)

I earnestly love helping people, and look forward to serving you on your journey to a life of vibrant health & vitality! ✨

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